Kara S. Anderson

is a sought-after speaker who brings enthusiasm,
humor and 13 years of homeschooling experience to her talks.

Photo by Keely Noffsinger Massie :: http://www.keelymassiephotography.com 

Blogger and co-host of The Homeschool Sisters podcast, Kara Anderson is a homeschooling mom with more than 13 years of experience in the trenches. She wants to help parents thrive in their day-to-day lives with their kids, and build wonderful memories together.

Photo by Keely Noffsinger Massie :: http://www.keelymassiephotography.com 

Kara Anderson never imagined herself homeschooling. But when her son started pre-school and just would not “sit on the line” during story time, she decided to give it a try – for a year.

That son is now 16, and his younger sister is 13.

And Kara is pretty sure that being a homeschool mom is the best job ever.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. So every day, she works to build up mamas, through her writing, her podcast and her social media accounts.

Kara loves speaking, and can’t get enough of meeting fellow homeschooling moms, listening to their stories and reminding them that we don’t have to be perfect to get homeschooling right.

Kara's Talks

Kara currently offers several sessions in person and via Zoom or Skype.

How Do You Want Your Homeschool to Feel

We are so busy as homeschoolers. Sometimes, it can feel a little like stepping on a treadmill and just holding on for the next 13-15 years. So have you stopped lately to consider how you want your homeschool to feel? Have you reflected on what called you to this vocation in the first place? If we want to create warm memories with our children, it’s so important to consider what our days together look like – because our days make up the years, and the years go by really, really fast. With practical tips and tons of heart, Kara will remind parents why we need to regularly pause, breathe and reset when we’re homeschooling.

Relationships First (They are the key to everything)

As homeschooling parents, we take on so much responsibility – it can feel overwhelming. But if we remember to keep relationships at the forefront, we can cover a lot of ground. There are always options for teaching math differently, or helping a struggling reader, but a broken connection with your child is so much harder to fix. Speaking from her years of experience homeschooling her children, and her time as a blogger and podcaster, Kara will inspire parents with real-life examples and practical tips.

You Can’t Do It All (and you shouldn’t even try)

Wait a minute, you’re saying, these are my kids. My most precious gifts. And you’re saying that I shouldn’t even TRY to give them everything? But here’s the thing: Our goal is to keep homeschooling sustainable, right? We’re in this for years, not weeks. If we try to do it all, we will burn out. In this session, Kara talks about expectations for ourselves and our children, and how to prioritize when we want to give our kids all we can.

Partners in Learning

It can be hard to balance the roles of Mom and teacher, so a long time ago, Kara decided to focus on the Mom part, and she's never regretted it for a second. Through prioritizing connection and gentle learning strategies, Kara shows parents how to work with their kids - even teens - to achieve big goals, but mostly, to remain a team.

Passions and the Space to Pursue Them

When we give our kids room to explore their passions, amazing things happen. Not only do we get the amazing gift of seeing our kids blossom into just who they were made to be, we also raise lifelong learners. In this talk, Kara shares tips for making time and space in our homeschools for our kids to follow what lights them up, and how she has seen the dividends of this homeschool investment.

Cactus Schooling 101

Based on a popular blog post, Kara breaks down how she plans her homeschool and explains how to hold onto our plans loosely (like a cactus) to avoid overwhelm and the feeling that you're always "behind." Parents will be inspired to release expectations and worry, and enjoy what each day brings.

Interested in booking Kara for your event?

Email her at [email protected] to request her speaker packet.


Much like her writing and work on The Homeschool Sisters Podcast, Kara's talks focus on our relationships with our kids, and how to thrive during these years at home.  Parents say Kara's talks leave them feeling supported, understood and more confident in their own abilities.

What Others Say

Raquel Ruiz

Director El Paso Homeschool Association

Kara Anderson brought light and love to our conference. We all felt reassured and re-energized after hearing her speak. She speaks in a way that relays that she understands what you are going though. The manner in which she shared her struggles and successes from her heart brought our attending families together in an invaluable way.  

Lisa Jones

Virginia Homeschoolers Conference Speaker Coordinator

Kara  was an absolute dream of a speaker with whom to work.  She was conscientious regarding our publishing deadlines for our printing schedule.  She was friendly and easy going even when some bumps in the road happened.  We enjoyed hosting her and look forward to having her back in 2020.

Julia Novoa

Speaker Coordinator, El Paso Homeschool Association

Kara's unique combination of applying her homeschool experience and then combining it with relevant research to support what she shares with us is a breath of fresh air. In a community that doesn't always have quantifiable research to back up what we know to be true, Kara ties credible study and beautiful anecdotes together in a way that really encourages homeschool families.  


Carolina Homeschool Conference Co-Coordinator

Kara instantly makes you feel like you're sitting together over a cup of coffee.

Janice Johnson Shepherd

Senior Field Trainer, The University of Texas at Austin

Kara is a force of nature! Her positive disposition, unquenchable calm, and compassion are self-evident ... She exudes homeschooling prowess, which is a testament to how hard she works on acquiring and integrating more - “educator-speaker, podcaster-mom” competencies, so that she can be an ever more effective change agent. She evokes a desire to help, and to be engaged with her, in all with whom she interacts.


Carolina Homeschool Conference Co-Coordinator

Hearing Kara speak is like getting a hug from an old friend. She has a way of cutting through the fluff and getting right to the heart of the matter - relationships with our children. It was so encouraging to hear that it is okay to put being mom first.


Conference Attendee

Kara's realness about doing less felt like a breath of fresh air in this year of uncertainty.


Conference Attendee

Kara is smart, funny and makes me feel like it's OK to be cozy and quiet with my kids.

interested in booking Kara for your event?

Email her at [email protected] and request a speaker packet.

Writer, podcaster, speaker

Kara S. Anderson is a writer, podcaster and speaker, who focuses on connection over perfection.

 In 2013, she began blogging at what is now karasanderson.com where she shares real-life encouragement from the trenches.

Along with Cait Curley, Kara started The Homeschool Sisters Podcast in 2017, and since that time, the show has reached more than 1 million downloads around the world. 

Kara lives in Illinois with her husband and two awesome homeschooled children. She enjoys yoga, tea, chocolate, cats and books. Connect with her on Instagram or Facebook.