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'Enough is a decision, not an amount.'

- Alison Faulkner

If you're a hustling entrepreneur, working your buns off and wondering why you still can't find your people, I get it.

The hamster wheel is exhausting, and what's your prize at the end of a hard week?

Usually, just like a hamster,
a day-time nap.

So I want to tell you:

You don't have to keep trying to
figure out everything on your own.

If hustle and commitment were the secret ingredients - you'd have exceeded all your goals by now.

So let's figure this stuff out together, OK?

I'm Kara, and I might be your new business BFF.

When I was a baby,
three fairies visited my cradle and each
bestowed upon me a special gift:

  • the ability to write about almost anything, and make it concise, direct and correct, but how normal people talk
  • the power to be a kind editor who, yes, notices every tiny, picky little thing, but uses this ability only for good - to help you show off your fancy genius
  • mad Skee-ball skills

What this means for you:

I can win you a giant prize at Chuck E. Cheese,
but I don’t think that’s why you’re here.

Most people hire me for work like
content creation and proofreading.

The Promise:

I will help you take your work to the next level.


I will keep your voice.

I listen, and I learn about YOUR passion + YOUR people.

It's amazing how a thoughtfully curated message can change everything.

My strategy is deep breaths and baby steps, sweet one.

We'll get there.

But. I also have a secret weapon.

I work closely with a business strategy and development expert and SEO specialist, and together, the three of us can craft a plan that will help you finally connect with YOUR audience.

Because, surprise!

 I think marketing is kind of gross.

No Offense.

To be fair ...

I went to school for marketing.

But I focused on journalism.

Which is kind of dead now.

I don't regret becoming a newspaper girl for a minute, though, because it really was just like this.

I just don't love scarcity mindset/upsell your own mother/the 'right' kind of mascara will solve it kind of marketing.

Instead, I'm on a mission to help connect amazing entrepreneurs with *their* people, without having to turn their business/life into an algorithm, and without having to constantly think in Instagram captions.

That's CONNECTION, baby.

If you are a business person, or someone building a business AND doing GOOD in the world, there is nothing I enjoy more than:

  • Helping you find YOUR people.
  • Helping you communicate with them clearly and concisely.
  • Keeping your voice and tone what makes you, YOU.
  • Helping you truly CONNECT and build relationships, not just get a bunch of Instagram randos following you.

And P.S. your tone and brand are what make you special.

But I know how hard it can be to 'sell' yourself.

You don't want to be braggy, even though you are really damn good at what you do.

So my job is to learn about what you do and WHY you do it, and then help share that. 

Not in an awkward salesy way - in a true, authentic, you are a badass and there really are people who would love to find you kind of way.

What I Do


I can start from your draft, ideas, outline notes or existing content and create text for your website, presentation, newsletter/email, etc.

We can even just have a conversation if you don't love writing.

I do love writing - so it's all good! 


Copyediting is for when you really feel like your project is pretty much ready to go, but you want to make sure punctuation, spelling and grammar look good, and there aren't any big errors, because it's always harder to catch these things in our own work.

Copyediting takes less time than proofreading. ➡️


Proofreading is a level up.

I will help make your project read well, sometimes suggesting rewording or even reformatting. During that process, I will also check grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. 

Some clients like me to proofread their project, then they make changes and kick it back to me one more time for further proofreading or a final copyedit before it goes live.

Proofreading takes longer, but it's worth it to get your message across clearly.

content creation

Yup. I can write that blog post or newsletter for you. I can definitely make you a sales sequence.

If you need it written and don't have the time to do it yourself ... ➡️


I'm not in this for the glory. I will absolutely lend my words to your website or email or auntie's birthday card. I've been doing it for YEARS.

And no one knows because, ya know, 👻

relationship/integrated marketing

It sounds fancy, but this is helping you to share accurately, concisely and directly what you want customers to know most.


We work together on this, to help you find your ideal people.

P.S. I work closely with an SEO specialist/ business strategy expert who is the best in the biz and has certificates to show it, so if you don't know what kind of content would help you, I've got your gal!

Who I Work With

Beginner entrepreneurs

I can help you fine-tune your message, and start connecting with the audience you want.

Advanced but exhausted business folks on the cusp of burn-out.

Of course you're exhausted.

You've been working for a long time without a payoff.

Or you get occasional payoffs, followed by droughts that leave you crispy and about ready to go work at Wendy's.

Frustrated over-performers

You've been at this for a while, and your poor little tadpole legs are screaming at you to take a break.

But you can't ... right?


People who have been doing something else for a long time, and just want to be able to start something new without it feeling completely terrifying.

You're already got the dream. You'd just feel better if you had a little back-up.

Boundaries, Baby.

(what I don't do)

There are a few things I don't do ...

Social Media Management

Been there. Hard No.

Graphic Design

That's a Texas-sized No.

Website ... things

I don't do website work beyond creating or editing content for you.

(Although I work with people who do!)

That's means that most of the time, the finished product
you receive from me will be in a Google Doc.

You don't want me poking around your website too much, I promise.

Attend ongoing team meetings or work on Christmas

If you'd like to hire me for ongoing work, Yeah! I totally do that.

But I really enjoy being a free-wheelin' contractor.

In turn, I won't just show up at your office and
start stealing Post-its and staples from your supply closet.

As a young entrepreneur person, all I wanted was someone I could talk to about my business goals + my values.

If that's what you're looking for ... send us a message.

You may feel overwhelmed, ill-equipped,
or like you've gotten something wrong up until now.

We know.

We've been there too.

But here is the BEST NEWS:

We're here to help +

it's not too late. 

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Frequently asked questions

What are your rates?

Rates vary based on what you need, how quickly you need it done, and whether you are looking for single projects or a long-term, retainer-based partnership. Send us an email at ksacreativemedia at Gmail dot com or fill out our contact form and we'll get back to you.

What is relationship marketing?

Relationship marketing, or integrated marketing, is about helping you find YOUR people. 

Chances are, there are clients out there looking for exactly what you do, and so we help you connect with them through clear, concise content and messaging and through utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) that helps you break through the Internet clutter.

But mostly, relationship marketing is about helping you find clients you love to work with, and who love working with you. 

Marketing doesn't have to feel yucky - we promise.

Why should I choose ksa creative media?

I love this question!

The main reason you should choose ksa creative media is because we know what it's like out there in entrepreneur world.

We've been at this for more than 20 years, and we know what doesn't work ...

We also know that trying to find what works can feel exhausting and like the rules keep changing.

You don't have time to do everything - and you don't have to do this alone.

We want to help you grow and find more people who need what you do.

Also, we're FUN.

How can we get started?

First things first - fill out our contact form or send us an email at ksacreativemedia at Gmail dot com. We'll get back to you and most likely, set up a time to chat.

(There are times when our schedule is packed, and we may not be taking on additional clients, but we'll be sure to let you know if that's the case.)

An initial meeting is absolutely free - we want to be sure that we are the right fit for your business and your needs.

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But have a good day!