Our Favorite Resources

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Early Years

We tried a lot of resources when my kids were young, but one really stands out: Five In a Row.

It continues to be a source of warm , wonderful memories for us is .

I also am really liking what Other Goose has to offer. It's gentle, with just enough built-in structure, and it focuses on connection.

It wasn't an option when my kids were small, but I really wish it had been!

Language Arts

I'm a huge fan of just reading together.

To that end, we never used a formal reading program.

We now love Read-Aloud Revival, and sharing experiences and discussions around books.

For writing, we've also taken a casual approach. 

When my kids were young, they loved dictating stories to me and I would write them down. Later they each wrote their own books.

Keeping blank books like these are on hand is really helpful. 


Science/Nature Study


General Homeschooling

Amazon Favorites

For even more favorite homeschooling resources, see Kara's Amazon Storefront here.

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