About Kara

My name is Kara and I’m a writer, author, and podcaster. 

Here's What I'm Up To ...

I'm a retired homeschool mom (I know - I thought it was a little scary too until I did it!)

And .... I think I can say this now -

a retired homeschool blogger, speaker and podcaster.

For a while, I struggled with
how to make the transition from homeschool
mom to ...

well ... not a homeschool mom.

But I've always kind of felt like my role was to
homeschool WITH other parents.

 I knew that meant that once my kids were homeschool graduates,
I wanted to move on to new things.

So Now What?

But ... does anyone know what that looks like?

(Because I'm definitely open to suggestions! I mean, WHOA.)

In the meantime, though, I'm committed to 
sharing the messy middle bit.

I'm doing that through writing here,
and I would love it if you would subscribe -
that way my posts get sent right to your inbox.

Let's Just See Where This Goes ...

I think I started blogging in 2013? 

It doesn't matter, really - it was all very different back then.

Basically, I'm a writer at heart, and I have a hard time NOT writing, even if that's journaling or scribbling ideas in my 29,000 notebooks.

I took a little Internet break between 2022 and 2024. 

In a lot of ways, it was great, and I'm still mostly off social media.

(I pop over to Instagram, occasionally, but not often. I mostly share chipmunk and squirrel videos.)

But I've really missed writing, and so ...

I'm back, Baby!

(Or something.)


I live in Illinois with my husband, one college kid, one dog and a gang of cats. 

The other college kid is living at school ... with a cat.

We're all doing well, but yes ... it definitely is totally for sure kind of weird. 

I love chocolate, tea, books, yoga and naps.

And I want to say a special thank you to those of you who hung with me during the past two years.

It's been a strange time, but I'm finally ready to talk about it.

© Copyright Kara S. Anderson, 2024